“Hey, Linc If Scylla really is in there, there’s gonna be security.

I need you focused.




All clear upstairs.

You find something?

Picture of my mom.

Someone must have known I was coming.

Someone who’s connected enough to be working with Carruth and who knows you well enough to get their hands on that picture.

There’s only one person I can think of that fits that description.

You’re saying my mom’s in Miami? If she was operating out of this house, she certainly had access to money.

She’s a Company agent.

Gretchen said she thought that this could be an inside job.

Linc your mother could have Scylla.”

-Prison Break, s04e17

Some stuff we reference:

Nicaraguan Organic Coffee by Guadalupe Roastery

The tweet that will distract you at Mass

Litany of Trust by the Sisters of Life

The tweet about being real by Tim Glemkowski

I Want to Be Well by Sufjan Stevens

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